Note from the Staff and Board:

Interweave relies on the goodwill of others to do the work we do; financially, prayerfully, and practically.

100% of all project specific donations go to the project identified. None of the contributions given go to overhead costs. This has been possible through the generous contributions of co-founder and CEO, Dean Curtis, along with other volunteers and donors in the local community. All unspecified gifts go directly to provide curriculum to groups in developing countries.

Your donation encourages donations from NGOs, local governments, religious organizations, local non-profits and Interweave Ambassadors. This is manifested in their donations of funds, time, travel, and training.

If you are a current supporter, we’d like to thank you for helping to make us what we are today. If you aren’t a current supporter, we would love for you to click here and become a generous donor today. Lives will be changed because of your contribution. 

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Class Amount Percent **
Self-Reliance Education $94,331.26 22.50%
Ecuador $62,518.54 14.90%
Uganda $44,785.70 9.95%
Arabic Countries $39,183.22 9.25%
Colombia $20,023.68 4.75%
LDS Literacy $18,214.84 4.25%
SLC Refugees $12,381.75 2.95%
Paraguay $10,039.85 2.40%
ESL $9,476.38 2.25%
Liberia $8,633.19 2.00%
Honduras $6,017.16 1.40%
Bolivia $5,970.23 1.40%
Guyana $5,830.46 1.40%
Peru $4,121.22 0.95%
Chile $3,139.20 0.75%
Mexico $2,872.53 0.65%
Ambassador Grants $2,500.00 0.60%
Other Resources $1,935.29 0.55%
Home & Community $1,065.33 0.25%
Ethiopia $1,000.00 0.20%
Argentina $932.51 0.20%
Help A Friend $470.98 0.10%
Congo $370.59 0.09%
Cameroon $313.90 0.05%
Fundraising $201.43 0.05%
Administration* $69,298.41 16.50%
TOTAL                                              $419,446.13   100%



Interweave Solutions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, governed by a board of directors and bylaws. If you interested in looking at our most recent 990s, please click here. If you do not have/do not desire to create a free GuideStar account to view 990s, but are interested in seeing them, please email us for a copy.