Success Ambassadors 


The two-minute video above explains clearly what a Success Ambassador is and what they do. 

A Success Ambassador creates his/her own MBS self-reliance business to help other people become self-reliant. Once a Success Ambassador has learned and applied Interweave’s MBS self-reliance principles in their own life and has received their MBS and Success Ambassador certificate, they can teach the course to others.
Success Ambassadors can form MBS self-reliance groups with governments, churches, NGOs, micro-finance institutions, neighbors, etc. to help individuals grow their businesses and improve their homes and communities. They are authorized to issue an Interweave International MBS certificate to their participants when they meet Interweave standards. Success Ambassadors charge a competitive price to each group and keep their earnings after paying Interweave for the printed manuals and MBS certificates.
Becoming a Success Ambassador is a great way to help others and earn money at the same time by developing a profitable MBS business.

You must earn your MBS certificate before you can train to become an MBS Success Ambassador for Interweave. For more information about obtaining your MBS, please click here.

Have you already certified in the MBS course, and are now interested in taking the Success Ambassador Course?

Click the button below to pay for the course and begin your training! 

During this course, similar to that of the MBS course, you will be paired with a current, certified Success Ambassador as a mentor. They will help guide you through the four-unit course and help you with any questions or ideas that you might have.


Below is a list of all of current Success Ambassadors for Interweave Solutions and their locations. Click your country’s flag to find contact information for each Ambassador in your area. Each listed member has been properly certified and has the right to offer discounts to active MBS participants and accept payment for the course. Any extra fees or money exchanged (apart from the price of the course) are not authorized by Interweave Solutions.